CNA Program

Before choosing a CNA school, we strongly suggest you look at the pass rate status of each school and we believe you will be pleased where First Step is ranked.....We feel that our pass rate speaks for itself...... 

Hello, my name is Cindy Armstrong....  I'm the owner/CNA instructor at First Step Healthcare Training. I have over 30 years experience in healthcare. God put a desire in my heart to train NA students in 2019,Thats when First Step was started.

I will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in your new CNA career. Residents/patients are people....not a task. We keep our classes small so that we can offer you one on one instruction. I want you to really get it.....not just learn the skills needed to pass the state test.

CNA Course

Our  CNA course is Monday-Friday 8am-430pm  for a total of 78 hours (10 days) , the HHA training course is 16 hours longer for a total of 94 hours. 

We also provide job assistance.....

We do not guarantee  job placement but we will do everything we can to help you get a job, we invite several companies to come in and talk to the students about their job openings.

CNAs are in high demand!!!!!!!!!! You will never be without a job unless you want to be.

What we believe

God placed a desire in my heart to train nurse aid students to be productive, respectful, knowledgeable,compassionate and valuable CNAs.   We believe that the CNA is the backbone of the nurse. Our class sizes are small (max 12) so that each student can receive personalized training.  

 We teach students about resident rights, culture change and person centered care, dementia, vitals, infection control, patient safety and so much more.  At First Step Healthcare Training we also believe that the resident is more than just a diagnosis, they are a person.  


We require a $100.00 non refundable sign up fee to reserve  your seat, this is subtracted from the total amount due.  The balance is due by the end of the course.    We have 2 different tuition packages to choose from. Our silver package is $499.00 this includes use of all necessary equipment needed to become a CNA. Included in this package is a workbook, text book, highlighter, 2 pocket folder,  background check, student ins for clinicals. The student is responsible for the state test fee. The cost of the state testing fee is  $118.50. Our gold package includes all of the silver package plus the state test, this package is $617.50, if you only need your CNA now, you can always come back at no charge to get your HHA training at a later long as it's within the same year as your CNA class. No extra charge from the state and no state exam for HHA. 

For more information about test fees and scheduling, please contact Tulsa Tech at 918-828-5290.