It is March! Can you believe it? When I think of March I think Spring is around the corner, time change is coming and planting seeds to harvest. Do you know what type of seeds you are planting in your garden or do you know what type of seeds you have already planted? Did you know words are seeds those seeds come from your heart? The type of seeds you already have in your heart determines the type of crop that comes out of your mouth. Did you also know that you are a gardener and you plant seeds every time you open your mouth?

The words you say to or about yourself affects how your garden grows. Do you look in the mirror and say I don't just see a Princess I see a Queen? How we see ourselves and the condition of our heart is how we react towards others.

Did you know that people who shine within do not need a spotlight because they will sparkle and shine on the outside wherever they go? That my friends is having a healthy growing garden inside you. Christine Caine said "If the light that is on you is brighter than the light that is in you, the light that is on you will destroy you." Think about it for a minute. If you are needing peoples eyes on you all of the time because you feel that is what is important for you to shine then you are a setting yourself up for failure. Most people who you have identified to be the one you want the spotlight from wont give it to you because they need it for themselves. But, if your light shines brighter on the inside then that light on the outside you wont need that outside light because you are already shining. Isaiah 45:2 says I will go before you and make the crooked places straight. When their is light to illuminate the path, we can see the potential dangers in front of us and then can walk the other way. I want to be part of Gods light because then my garden will grow and it will expose any bad weeds that are choking the life out of me and keeping me from growing. This little light of mine I want to make it shine! Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! I loved that song growing up and I still sing it to this day.

Rejoice always,

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