Don't you just love what the month of December brings and what it is all about? Prince of Peace, the Joy that comes from Giving, Love that comes from spending time with family and friends and hearing about the acts of Kindness that tugs on each and everyone hearts? The recipes, cookie exchanges, the holiday music, decorating tips this is just a few of the things that makes it such a wonderful time of the year. Old man Winter can be harsh, but we all have to admit we do love a beautiful white Christmas.

It is so important to embrace Peace so don't let it get away. The world has it so backwards, don't try to attempt all things at once. It just adds stress, pressure, chaos and failure to your daily life. Draw some boundaries for yourself by making a daily to do list and prioritize it. Don't etch it in stone revisit it daily see what you have accomplished and was able to mark. Pat yourself on the back for what you did get done and cheer yourself on for what is left to be done. If what you have left to get done is things you do not have the money for, then start research