Updated: Dec 13, 2019

In part 1 I challenged you to write one thing daily you are grateful for on a thirty day calendar. Then at the end of those thirty days reflect on it. I hope it warmed your heart as you reflected on your calendar. We also learned that gratitude and thankfulness go hand in hand. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness is shown in acts of kindness.

When I think of Fall I think of thankfulness and since today is November 1st I find how much easier it is to think about what we are most thankful for. The truth is we should be thinking about what we are most thankful for daily and not just in November.

Thankfulness sometimes consist merely of words then it becomes an action of our heart which truly does inspire gratitude. Growing up I would see church signs that read "Enjoy the day with a thankful heart God Bless". I believe that when I have a thankful heart it changes my actions and I see things through my eyes differently.

Shakespeare once said: "I cried when I had no shoes, but I stopped crying when I saw a man without legs". I believe at that moment gratefulness and thankfulness took over Shakespeare's heart. Gratefulness can become a memory and Shakespeare remembered at that very moment he may not have any shoes but he did have legs. I believe at that very moment he became extremely thankful therefore the thought of what he did not have no longer seemed important at that moment.

In order to be thankful we have to let go and stop dwelling on the things that make us unhappy and pulls our thankfulness right out of our heart. When I think of letting things go I think about the trees during Fall. The trees during Fall show us how beautiful it can be to let things go by the way they let go of their leaves. There is so much to learn by thinking about the season changes through out the year. Just like the trees letting go in the Fall so in the Spring they can come back stronger and more beautiful then before. I believe it is truly a beautiful picture of how we should let go of our failures/setbacks and push forward by forgetting what is behind us so we can continue to run our race and reach our potential that we know we have in our heart.

Be thankful and let your actions show how your heart really feels. Only then can you grow and let go of things that will help you build a very successful day and a very blessed life.

Say to yourself TODAY! I choose to live with so much gratitude and thankfulness along with all of the love that fills my heart, and all of the peace that will rest in my spirit, so the voice of hope can say that all things are possible. Let us inspire ourselves and all those that are in our circles to have a thankful heart by our actions.

Rejoice Always,