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I absolutely loved the entire session of the class Mrs. Cindy is awesome she’s going to teach you everything you need to know and more I truly appreciate her for helping me through this whole process I passed my CNA course and my state test and I wouldn’t be able to do that without her help I truly love and appreciate you I recommend 10 out of 10

Allison C

Words cannot describe how amazing miss Cindy and her class is!!! She is an INCREDIBLE teacher and will teach you all you need to know and more. The class environment is so relaxed and welcoming – if you are thinking about taking a class here you won’t regret it! I passed my CNA skills exam with an 100% because of this course and her teachings . I cannot recommend it enough !


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Mrs.Cindy is the best teacher hands down! She knows her material and loves helping others learn it too. She brings her dogs to class which makes it’s a relaxing and fun environment. This class prepared me for the state exam better than anywhere else could. I would highly recommend!

McKensey Echeverria
Falling Soldier

I got my CNA training at first step in June of 2021 and would definitely recommend to anyone! The environment was very calming with the doggies and you learn more than just textbook info, you learn useful info on how to be compassionate as well.

Lauren Anderson
Candace Fitzer

First Step Healthcare was the best. I took night classes because I work full time and had the best experience. Cindy was such a good and caring instructor… She helped with anything I had questions on and even brought her sweet fur babies for us to love on while learning.. My classmates were all so much fun to be around & it felt like home! I didn’t feel out of place whatsoever. (Which is also a really comforting feeling)

Cindy will definitely take care of you, I highly recommend attending her class!


The best teacher hands down! Mrs. Cindy was nothing but amazing and made sure you understood every part of what was being taught!

Teneyia Starling

I loved this class!! Cindy is a very gooddd Trainer and she always makes sure you have everything down spot on!!❤️❤️ I took my CNA test and passed it Thanks to Cindy and First Step Healthcare Training!!

Keyirish Clark
Phoenix Wolf